A widespread hotel in Romano Canavese

Romano Canavese is an ancient Piedmont town 40 km away from Turin, located in the Canavese region, at the center of the morainic amphitheater and surrounded by gorgeous natural riches.

The historic center of Romano is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in the area, with the castle’s tower which dominates the town with its 27 meters height, the recetto, the churches and the palaces.

A plunge in the history and nature of the Piedmont hills

The first place among the Canavese beauties belongs to the Serra of Ivrea, the one of its kind morainic hill which, with its 25 kilometers, divides the Biellese from the Canavese.

Amid the dozens of castles located in the area, we have to mention the Castle of Masino, owned by the FAI, with its flowery park, and the great Castle of Agliè, part of the Savoy residences. Besides, Castellamonte is a nice town famous for its artistic ceramics and stoves.

The center of the Canavese is Ivrea, the Olivetti city, where was designed and built the first Italian computer and which in 2018 has become part of the Italian Unesco Heritage. A notable recognition of the industry created in the twentieth century by Adriano Olivetti. Ivrea is also known throughout Italy for the Carnival with its famous Battle of the Oranges.

Its Canoe Stadium, located on the city stretch of the Dora Baltea river, is a sports facility that every year attracts canoeists from all over the world for training and competitions. Furthermore, for canoeing, rafting and kayaking enthusiasts, the Canavese streams offer unique routes.

Still on the aquatic theme, the Canavese area is full of lakes: Viverone, Candia, Sirio and other small lakes, along whose banks you can enjoy pleasant walks or moments of relaxation.

 There are also numerous golf courses including the renowned Biella–Le Betulle Golf Club, the Cavaglià Golf Club and the S. Giovanni Golf Club in Torre Canavese.
For those who love mountain sports, there are several climbing gyms in the area.

The food and wine side of the Canavese is quite tempting: from the well-known Erbaluce wine, the white DOC from the native vine that can be tasted in the cellars of the area, to the starred restaurants,  such as La Gardenia in Caluso and La Credenza in San Maurizio Canavese.

Hotels in the Canavese

Currently, the area does not have sufficient hotel facilities to support the increase in turism. The approximately 300 beds in the area underline the lack of accommodation facilities, which could be compensated by widspread hotels in the villages of the region, as in the case of Romano Canavese.

The buildings of the project of the widespread hotel

Caligaris Falco Palace

The Palace is a building with three floors above ground plus a basement-cellar. The ground floor consists of a large entrance hall, living room with marble fireplace, dining room, kitchen with fireplace, two parlors, three bedrooms, a bathroom, a porch overlooking the internal courtyard, a service staircase connecting the floors. Adjacent to the driveway of the building, an entrance hall with a spectacular double staircase leads up to the 1st floor, which opens onto the beautiful billiard room, followed by a living room, a bathroom, two bedrooms, a second bathroom, a lounge with fireplace, a kitchen and a dining room. The bright gallery overlooking the internal courtyard connects all the rooms on the 1st floor. The 2nd floor is an attic, formerly used as a drying room for silkworms bred in the area in past centuries. The cellar has some large rooms and a heated area with thermal pool and Turkish bath. On the other side of the courtyard, there is the stable and a the two-storey barn. A warehouse-garage to be is located in the garden next to the driveway gate on Via Risorgimento, and is a two-level building.
The “Italian style” garden is very scenic, with box hedges forming a design with a basin in the centre. 

Technical data: total gross area, 1400 square meters

The Roseto

The Roseto (Rose garden) is a property adjacent to Palazzo Caligaris-Falco with a pedestrian entrance and a driveway in Via Risorgimento, composed by two apartment buildings, with two apartments, and a barn facing a large central courtyard.

A big apartment occupies the largest building and is composed as follows: entrance, living room, kitchen, staircase in the ground floor; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a long balcony with a panoramic loggia on the 1st floor. The 2nd floor of the building, with beautiful wooden balconies, today is an open attic, but can be restored into apartments.

The small building consists of 3 covered parking spaces on the ground floor and an apartment on the 1st floor with entrance, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom.

The barn, originally a lookout tower, on the ground floor has a living and dining space with a large oven for baking bread; the 1st floor is an open space with a wonderful view of the hills.

The courtyard is decorated with flower beds and climbing rose bushes.

Technical data: total gross area, 550 square meters

The restaurant Le jardin fleuri

On entering Le Jardin Fleuri you are absorbed by the atmosphere of La Belle Epoque, the period at the beginning of the 20th century which saw the Canavese become a sort of “literary salon” thanks to the writer Giuseppe Giacosa, whose villa in Colleretto Giacosa was frequented by personalities of the art and culture of the time.

An era in which every object and every room were elegantly decorated with floral motifs, curved lines and arabesques. Elements found in Le Jardin Fleuri. In the courtyard stands a magnificent centuries-old magnolia, surrounded by hydrangeas and fragrant flowers. The cafeteria welcomes you with a majestic early 20th century counter in mahogany with inlays and carved parts. The restaurant rooms have walls decorated with floral motifs and are furnished with Liberty period pieces: from cast iron tables, to chandeliers, to stained glass windows. On the 2nd floor, there is an apartment with living room, dining room, kitchen with fireplace and potager, two bedrooms, completely furnished with beautiful original Liberty/Art Nouveau, early 19th century, furniture belonging to the Arte Nova Foundation.

In the back courtyard, there is another building, the Bacchus Salon, which can accomodate up to 70 people and is ideal for events.

Technical data: total gross area, 600 square meters


The Palazzotto

The Palazzotto is a complex of buildings adjacent to the Distillery, with which it shares the driveway entrance, that need to be completely restored. It consists of a two floors building, with an entrance in Via Santa Teresina, an internal courtyard, and a two floors barn. On the 1st floor of the Palazzotto, there is a beautiful loggia with a large balcony overlooking the courtyard.

Technical data: total gross area, 450 square meters

The Old Distillery

The Old Distillery (Antica Distilleria) is the only distillery still existing in a historic center in Canavese out of 14 plants operating between the 19th and 20th centuries. It is located next to the town’s main square. In addition to the original squared chimney, which stands out among the roofs with all its charm, in the main building there are still the steam boiler and the masonry stove for the distillation of pomace. The distillery operated until the 1950s. A unique building to be enhanced by transforming it into the reception area of the widespread hotel, with the addition of 18to 20 rooms, plus service and storage spaces. Two solutions have been designed and can be overviewed in the agency.

Technical data: total gross area, 1120 square meters

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